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With the COLOR CONSULTATION we will perform an in-depth color analysis where we will determine:

Determining your color type is one of the single most important gifts you can get for yourself that will enhance your personal style. Many people wear the wrong colors for their skin, hair, and eye color because they have a personal hero that doesn’t look like them. While we all want to emulate our favorite movie stars, if they simply don’t have the same skin tone as you, the colors they wear aren’t going to look as good on you and you will always be disappointed. You may think you are not as attractive as they are. But, you simply not wearing the colors that suit you the best.

By doing a color analysis, you will be able to find a personal style that suits YOU, not someone else. You, in fact, will be doing the exact same thing that your favorite start has done: find the best colors for themselves and wear that. If your hero chose to wear what someone they admired wears that didn’t match what looks good on them, they wouldn’t look good either.

Here is how we start:

1 – What color type are you?

2 – From our 64 colors, we will rate which are the most compatible to you and how to use them

3 – You will receive your own color chart with the necessary information on how to use each color.

The advantages of color analysis are:

find best color for you

This analysis will be done by examining your face without makeup, hair tied back, and in normal daylight to achieve the most accurate results. We can do this in our office, while you relax on our 7 ft bean bag chair. Or, we can come to your home and do an at-house, consultation (extra charges apply).

PRICE: 165 €