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Boga Bag Personal Shopper: Returning From The Holidays

Created on Personal Style, 29th of January of 2017

Although not yet everyone has returned to work and gone back to their routine, you may be thinking about it as that time approaches.

The month of September is a perfect month to reorganize our time and consider new goals and things to do. Returning to work with these new goals will help you to maintain that positive energy that you have built up during the holidays and will help you maximize your day to day energy.


When I come back from the holidays I like to do a little review of those things that I decided to attempt at the beginning of last year, to see if I am achieving my goals or not. If I’m doing them, great! But there are times that day-to-day makes us leave some things aside and this may be the perfect time to take them back. For example, you started the year going to the gym but laziness has made you give up. Now is a perfect time to try again.

On the other hand, it is very important to keep the mind relaxed. The stress of the work that we sometimes take home makes our routine seem like we have never left. To make sure this does not happen to you, it is very important to learn how to disconnect and enjoy our free time.

When you leave work, leave your work there do not bring it back home with you. The easiest way to unplug is by doing activities that you like: enjoying your family, your friends … I like at least one day a week to take care of me. I go to the hairdresser, or I get a manicure, a skin cleanse. On another day I like to have dinner with my friends. But, sometimes, being at home reading a good book on a giant bean bag is another great way to relax. As you see, the most important thing is that you enjoy your time.

In another post I have already mentioned that I am doing a lot of high-priority things every day. It works for me because it is the best way to have my ideas organized, to know what I want to do. I suggest you do the same. Decide those things that you would like to change or incorporate into your life and try to put those activities on your agenda. That way, they are written down and you actually have leisure scheduled on your calendar.

Which of these would you like to incorporate into your daily life?


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2 – Once you have chosen the service you are interested in, you can buy your Boga Bag by making your payment through Paypal. This will also enter you into our monthly raffle to win a giant bean bed. It will be necessary to write an email indicating the service you wish to purchase and we will send you an email with the account number to make the payment.

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5 – Upon completion, within a week to ten days we will send the report of the consultation.

Is Your Image a Reflection of Yourself?

In Boga Bag Personal Shopper, we will help you get the image you want to project.

Wonder how a Personal Shopper can make your life better?

At Boga Bag, we will not let you lose your style, but we will help you to combine the items in your wardrobe perfectly, without having to invest large amounts of time each morning in choosing what to wear because you will know how to dress at all times.

What is a good image?

Maybe you think that having a good is different than what we think. For Boga Bag, to have a good image does not mean to go dressed by rules where we all dress the same way and we do not differentiate from each other. Boga Bag personal shopper teaches you how to adapt your style to yourself to get the most out of it.

With a personal shopper you will learn to choose the garments, shapes, cuts, fabrics, bags, and colors that flatter you the most. We will explain how to dress for each situation while staying true to inner self.

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